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New HP CO2 program for Marine Applications      Shipboard protection

For over a decade GSI has offered Agent Calcs for CO2, a generic high pressure CO2 flow calculation program.  For typical land based CO2 systems, Agent Calcs has been used worldwide to estimate pipe and nozzle sizes.  Agent Calcs, however, is limited to systems containing 99 cylinders maximum.  Also Agent Calcs has components which are based on DOS computer system and may not work on Windows Vista operating systems.

In response to customer requests, GSI has developed a program which will calculate very large systems, up to 999 cylinders and will run on Windows 7 and Windows Vista.   Flow calculations are based on the methods set forth in NFPA Standard 12 Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing Systems.  The program can calculate high pressure CO2 flow for land based systems as well as shipboard systems.

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The program is available for immediate shipment.

For more information and pricing on this program, please contact Guardian Services, Inc.

Please note that for users desiring an isometric drawing utility, Agent Calcs for CO2 continues to be available from GSI.

Last revised 12/12/14

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