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Guardian Services' Tom Wysocki is recognized as an expert witness in special hazards fire protection. He serves as an expert witness specializing in cases involving carbon dioxide, clean agents, Halon, and dry chemical fire protection systems. He has been retained as an expert witness both by defendants and plaintiffs to provide professional analysis of system designs, application, maintenance and human factors leading to losses.

Mr. Wysocki has been recognized as an expert witness  in United States Federal courts and State courts.  He has served as an expert witness in several cases involving Marine fire protection systems. 

He spearheaded the team which investigated and developed the definitive report on the carbon dioxide system accident at the Idaho National Environmental and Engineering Laboratory (INEEL). 

In addition to his scientific background, Mr. Wysocki has extensive teaching experience. Mr. Wysocki's teaching abilities have proven to be of great benefit in helping those involved in legal cases understand the underlying factors leading to losses related to fire and fire protection systems.

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Last revised 12/28/2022