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Carbon Dioxide Flow Calculation Software from Guardian Services, Inc. and Hughes Associates

NEW VERSIONS NOW AVAILABLE  A new version of AgentCalcs for CO2 is available for immediate shipment.  Previous versions were limited to 100 lb maximum capacity cylinders.  The new version permits cylinder sizes up to and including 120 lb capacity.  These larger cylinders have become common in larger systems especially marine systems.  The new version continues to handle all smaller cylinder sizes as well as the new 80 liter, 120 lb size.

Need a means to quickly calculate pipe sizes for a pending carbon dioxide system installation?  Need to assess the feasibility of extending the coverage of an existing system?

Guardian Services, Inc. and Hughes Associates, Inc. of  Baltimore, MD. have teamed to produce AgentCalcs  for CO2.  It calculates pipe and nozzle sizes, flow rate, pressure drop and quantity of carbon dioxide discharged.  AgentCalcs  uses Guardian Services' proven carbon dioxide flow calculation methodology with Hughes' user friendly graphical interface and advanced isometric drawing capability.  (Note:  For Marine applications, please see below.)

The AgentCalcs program is available in "OEM" versions and in a generic version.  The essential results of agent quantity, flow rate, discharge time, and system pressure are identical for the OEM and generic versions.   The OEM version is customized to use parts lists, stock numbers, etc. specific to the equipment manufacturer.

With AgentCalcs, authorities having jurisdiction, architects, and specifying engineers may have a calculation tool which mirrors the "official calculations" used by the major suppliers of carbon dioxide systems.  For final design and installation purposes, the calculations provided by the carbon dioxide system manufacturer should be used.  

A new generic version of AgentCalcs permits the use of larger cylinders with capacities up to 120 lbs of carbon dioxide.  The previous version had a limit of 100 lb capacity cylinders.   (A three year single station license for the new generic AgentCalcs software is available for $2000.00 (US dollars).     

 To order your copy, please contact Guardian Services, Inc.

GSI flow calculation theory is used by every major U.S. manufacturer of industrial carbon dioxide systems.


Marine Applications      Shipboard protection

AgentCalcs described above calculates systems with up to 99 cylinders.  Some shipboard systems use in excess of 100 cylinders for protection of large spaces such as cargo holds.  GSI has available a program which will calculate very large systems, up to 999 cylinders.

The program is based on NFPA 12 methodology and is thus suitable for land based systems as well as shipboard systems.

This new program will run on Windows platforms including Windows Vista.

Click here for more information and screen shots of this new program.

For more information and pricing on this program, please contact Guardian Services, Inc.



Last revised 12/16/22