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Flow of Fire Fighting Agents

Guardian Services -- the world leader in research into the flow of gaseous fire extinguishing agents in pipe and nozzles.  Computerized flow models developed by GSI have been used to calculate pipe networks for delivery of Carbon Dioxide, Halon 1301, Halon 1211, HFC227ea (FM200™), HFC-23 (FE13™) and inert gas (IG541, Inergen™, IG55, Argonite™ and ProInert™), wet chemical extinguishants, dry chemical powder, and water.  Click on "FLOW" for information on theory of two phase flow, compressible single phase flow, and incompressible flow.

"Generic" CO2 Flow Program

GSI has teamed with Hughes Associates to develop a new "generic" flow calculation program for carbon dioxide.  Please click here for more information.

Water Mist Flow

GSI completed development of a special computer program to calculate flow of water pressurized with nitrogen.  This program is used as a tool for sizing pipe and determining nitrogen requirements for water mist fire suppression systems.

Computer Models for CO2 Discharge Effects

GSI recently completed development of a computerized model to predict temperature and pressure effects of a total flood CO2 discharge within an enclosure.  Further information will be published in future editions of this website.

Effect of Re-radition on Extinguishing Concentration Requirements

Many of the Halocarbons used to replace Halon 1301 and Halon 1211 as gaseous fire suppressants depend greatly on the mechanism of heat extraction from the fire zone to effect flame extinguishment.  GSI is investigating the effect of radiant heat input from surroundings on the concentration required to effect extinguishment.  The work has implications on the use of these agents for flammable liquids hazards.  For more information, contact GSI



Last revised 12/26/22