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Training Courses - Hazard Awareness - Special Hazards Fire Protection

" Without training, it becomes purely a matter of chance as to whether people will recognize potentially dangerous situations."

Every job has inherent risks.  Job specific training can help reduce the chance of "risk" turning into unfortunate "reality."

Guardian Services, Inc. course on "Hazard Potential Recognition" is designed to heighten the awareness of personnel to potential workplace hazards.  First developed for operators in the North Slope oil fields, the course can be customized for your workplace.

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Guardian Services' courses in "Special Hazards Fire Protection Engineering" have been well received by engineers in South America, Europe, and North America. 

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In the area of research and development, Tom Wysocki presented two papers at the 1996 Halon Options Technical Working Conference at the University of New Mexico. The first presentation discussed Inert Gas Fire Suppression Systems Using IG541. The second paper covered Single Point Flow Calculations for Liquefied Compressed Gas Fire Suppression Systems.  

For more information, please feel free to email us and request a pdf copy of these presentations.


Last revised 12/16/2022